We are fortunate to be located within the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Chicago
The location allows Central Boarding Academy students to succeed academically AND personally while having access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Academic Support Classes

Central Boarding Academy specializes in academic support. We are ready to help students at all stages of their English acquisition journey and high school career. The end goal is to assist students to be well-equipped for the life and work necessary to attend a competitive American university.

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Central Boarding Academy

Extracurricular Offerings

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Central Boarding Academy

Partnering Schools

Central Boarding Academy partners with the best private schools in the Fox Valley Wisconsin and Chicago areas. During the admissions process, we counsel each student to determine which school is the best fit, and our partner schools are prepared to welcome each student as they begin their school experience.


Oshkosh Schools

HS: Fox Valley Lutheran Academy
HS: Kettle Moraine Lutheran
HS: Lourdes Academy
HS: St. Mary Catholic Schools
HS: St. Mary’s Springs Academy
HS: Winnebago Lutheran Academy
HS: St. Francis Xavier


MS: St. Mary Catholic Schools
MS: St. Mary’s Springs Academy
MS: St. Francis Xavier

Chicago Schools

HS: Harvest Christian Academy

HS: Northridge Preparatory School (male only) HS: Saint Viator High School

HS: Timothy Christian High School

HS: Willows Academy (female only)


MS: Northridge Preparatory School (male only) MS: Willows Academy (female only)

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