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About Central Boarding Academy

Central Boarding Academy (CBA)


Central Boarding Academy (CBA) believes that each student is able to achieve academic success when given
the tools to do so. That is why CBA offers extensive classes designed to help students reach their potential.

CBA strives to provide a safe and comfortable space for our students.

In addition, CBA creates monthly reports for each student detailing their academic and personal growth.

This comprehensive document encompasses things such as a graph on GPA progress for each class and
height/weight, their performance in CBA classes, participation in CBA events, and much more.
CBA also wants to make sure parents are included in every step of their child’s journey while in our program.
Our CBA App is updated hourly with when the student left/came home from school, when they picked up a
meal, involvement with their school, photos/videos of their extracurriculars, etc. The day’s activities are
translated into the student’s native tongue at the end of each day. This app also includes a messaging system
where parents and CBA staff can communicate in real time, no matter where the parent is.



Business Week ranked Oshkosh, WI “Best Place to Raise Your Kids” in it’s 2010 survey of cities. In 2018, UW-Oshkosh also ranked #38 in “The Safest College Campuses in America” by the National Council for Home Safety & Security. 

More information about Safety 



Having your own room, delicious food, and amazing places to study and hang out with friends makes CBA home for our students. Each room is furnished before our students arrive with wonderful amenities, but the campus itself is their oyster! 

While our students are away from home, we work at building them into future leaders. Our Student Code of Conduct guides everything we do at CBA. 

More information about Living on Campus: 



Students are expected to live according to the values that CBA holds: 


  • Demonstrate good judgement in conduct, communication, and dress. 

  • Give their best effort to achieve academic excellence.

  • Understand that at all times they are representing CBA, whether that be within our campus, CBA partnering school, or the public at large.

Download a copy of our Student Handbook:

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