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There is a program for CBA students who want to be pilots. It is a private pilot license (PPL) program that can be acquired simultaneously during the semester while attending a CBA affiliated school. To participate in this program, students must always maintain good academic conditions. PPL is an essential curriculum of the aviation college to become a pilot, and there is a process of obtaining this certificate for more than a year when entering college. 

Students may think of this PPL course like an AP course for college admission, but in fact, it has much more meaning and benefits than that. 

There are many advantages for students who get PPL before going to college.
• Get 6 credits from university
• 500 hours of reduction in flight education at university

• Cost savings

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Private Pilot License

What Does the Private Pilot License (PPL)
Program Include?
• TSA Approval
• 10 Week Ground School
• FAA Written Test
• 35 Hours Ground Training
• 58 Hours Flying
• FAA Practical Test (Checkride)

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The student is in radio contact with the control tower for landing
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