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High Schools
Northridge Prep School (male only)

Northridge Preparatory School (male only)

Central Boarding Academy Partner


School Stats:

  • Founded in 1976

  • Total Enrollment: 300

  • Student: Teacher Ratio of 14:1

  • Average SAT: 1320


Northridge Preparatory School’s mission “to build men of intellect and character who love God” is focused on educating the whole person. Northridge is a partnership between parents and educators dedicated to raising noble young men that strive to live by the highest ideals in life: to be a great father, to become an outstanding professional, and to embrace God's will in their lives.


Much of a student’s character development takes place beyond the classroom. Besides the Advisory Program, Northridge has designed their athletic, elective, and extracurricular programs as a way to require commitments and give responsibility to students -- an important feature on the path to manhood. Northridge ensures that the stage, the woodshop, the basketball court, and every club, sport, and activity builds character.


Overall Niche Grade: A+

• #1 Best All-Boys High School in Illinois

• #4 Best Catholic High School in Illinois

• 70% of faculty hold Masters Degrees

• 74% of AP test-takers have been named AP Scholars

• 43% of students were accepted to a Top 50 University

• 70% of students were accepted to a top 100 University

• Top 100 High Schools in America

• 20+ AP courses offered

College Matriculation:

• University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

• Northwestern University

• Loyola University, Chicago

• University of Notre Dame

• University of Chicago

• DePaul University

• Marquette University

• Purdue University

• University of Illinois, Chicago

• University of Wisconsin, Madison




Cross Country

• Golf

• Soccer

• Basketball

• Baseball

• Track & Field


• Band

• Business

• Chess

• Weight Training

• Woodworking

• Yearbook

• Biomedical Science

• Debate

• Filmmaking

• Writing & Resource

• Bugs & Botany

• Film Club

• Strategy Games

• Civil War

• Newspaper

• Science Club

• Robotics

• Scholastic Bowl

• Economics & Finance

• Theater & Cho

Application Process

(application for CBA program)

to be completed one year in advance:


• Online Application

• Application Fee

• Birth Certificate or Passport copy • Academic Records for the past 2 school years

• 2 Personal Statements

• Letter of Recommendation

• Student & Parent Interview

• Admissions Decision

Required Documents:

• Birth Certificate or Passport copy

• Academic Records

• 2 Personal Statements

• Letter of Recommendation

Exam Scores:

• There are no minimum exam requirements

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