High Schools

Lourdes Academy

Lourdes Academy

Central Boarding Academy Partnering School


School Stats:

  • Founded in 1959

  • Total Enrollment: 185

  • Teacher: Student Ratio of 14:1

  • Average SAT: 1250

  • 33 AP/College Credit/Honors Courses


Lourdes Academy is the nearest of our partnering high schools (only a 15 min walk!), and they have an impressive variety of College Credit and AP classes. Because the school is of a more personal size, students are able to participate practically in whichever sport they have an interest in! Because of their close location to the UW Oshkosh/CBA campus, students are able to easily walk over and take college-level classes.


“Foundations of English,” a course taught at Lourdes Academy helps new students learn academic English AND American culture. Also strong in Pre-Med, Business, and Information Technology courses, Lourdes students also have access to a full Honors course catalog. In addition to their phenomenal academics, Lourdes offers athletic programs and clubs to help bolster college admission paperwork, including swimming & diving, gymnastics, and golf teams.


For questions about Lourdes Academy, please send a message to and we would be happy to assist! Students interested in applying for G9 - G12 should submit their paperwork today.

Lourdes Academy Scholars Program


In partnership with local businesses, the Lourdes Academy Scholars program will assist students in the career exploration process by:

  1. Visiting businesses and talking with professionals working in the field.

  2. Narrowing down areas of interest to better make choices about colleges and careers.

  3. Learning how the skills they are learning now can translate into careers in the future.

  4. Gaining a better understanding of the businesses that make up our community and economy.

List of Scholars Programs:

  • Military Scholars

  • Law Enforcement Scholars

  • Medical Scholars

  • Aero Scholars

  • Engineering Scholars

  • Construction Trade Scholars

  • Sports Scholars

  • Broadcasting Scholars

  • Veterinary Scholars

  • Natural Resources

  • Legal Scholars

  • Business/Entrepreneur Scholars

College Acceptances


Top 10 college acceptances,

with U.S. News & World Report ranking #s:

  • #14 Vanderbilt University

  • #30 New York University

  • #30 UC - Santa Barbara

  • #33 UC - Irvine

  • #41 UC - San Diego

  • #46 U of IL - Urbana Champaign

  • $49 U of TX - Austin

  • #49 UW - Madison

  • #56 Ohio State University

  • #59 Penn State